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Can I use the address from doola for my Amazon store?
Can I use the address from doola for my Amazon store?
Updated over a week ago

When opening an Amazon store, one of the requirements is to have a US address that can receive and process packages, should your customers want to return their purchase.
The address we provide for your business is able to receive letters, however, there are no package processing capabilities. For this reason, the address we issue for your business cannot be used for an Amazon store.
To attain an address that is able to receive packages, you can follow our recommendation below.

Sign up for Virtual Post Mail
1. Sign up via

2. During the signup process, you will be choosing the mailbox address.

3. After you have signed up, a VPM account manager will contact you (within 1 business day) to start the lease agreement signing process. The physical leased address will be assigned to you at that time.

Once you sign up for a plan with Virtual Post Mail, you will be asked to complete Form 1583 and they will require 2 IDs from you. This is a compliance requirement.

Here's a guide on How To Fill Out and Sign Form 1583. This guide also includes the list of acceptable IDs.

If you have any questions, you can email - before or after signing up and they will be able to assist you with all your questions.

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