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Is a doola subscription worth it?
Is a doola subscription worth it?

What all benefits do I get as part of my doola subscription.

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A comprehensive glimpse into what makes our service everything you need to launch and maintain your business:

  1. US Entity Formation Across any state in the US - doola helps with company formations across any state in the US. With us, you are free to select any state in the US that is best suited for your business, without any restrictions.

  2. Complimentary Name Search & Top Priority Filing - We check whether the name you want for your US company is available or not. If not, we will reach out to you so that you can select a desired name for your company. 96% of companies are filed with the state, by us on the same day as your payment & information is received.

  3. All Important Company Formation documents - We provide you with all the relevant company formation documents you need.

    1. LLC - Articles of Organization + Initial Resolution + Operating Agreement + Membership Certificate Template.

    2. C-Corporation - Certificate of Incorporation + Initial Resolution + Corporate By-laws + Stock Certificate Template.

  4. Registered Agent Services - Every company in the US requires a Registered Agent. We handle all communication with the state and other entities for you. We've got your back, from Day 1. We share all communication with you from the doola dashboard & E-mail. We make sure yours gets renewed on time every year.

  5. US Virtual/Mailing Address - A mandatory compliance requirement for every US company. We provide you with a US business address that you can use. This address will also be useful at the time of your bank account application form and will be used to receive your important documents such as reminders, notices, regular mail etc. We make sure yours gets renewed on time every year.

  6. EIN - Every company needs an EIN (Employer Identification Number - US Tax Number) to file their annual reports and IRS taxes, to hire employees in the US and more. We start your EIN process as soon as we receive your company formation documents from the state.

  7. Digital Document Access - Access to your documents from your doola dashboard whenever, wherever.

  8. Assistance with US Business Bank Account setup - We provide you with all the documents to open a US business bank account. The bank account application has to be filled by you as it asks for certain business-specific and confidential information that only you can provide. We will assist you with each step of the process if you get stuck anywhere. We will never leave you hanging. We are launching doola banking soon, for all our paying customers. Company formation, banking, taxes, and compliances all from 1 single dashboard.

  9. Assistance with a Payment Gateway (Stripe, Paypal, etc) - Once your bank account is set up, you can proceed with setting up your payment gateway. We will assist you with each step of the process if you get stuck anywhere. We will never leave you hanging. We understand how important it is for you.

  10. Bookkeeping - Our Bookkeeping plan ensures your full-year bookkeeping is taken care of by our certified and experienced CPAs.

  11. The following services are covered in our bookkeeping plan -
    1. Recording of all transactions in the bookkeeping software as per US GAAP
    2. Software Capabilities - Direct invoicing, Creation of Sales Estimates/Invoices/Subscriptions, Maintaining customer data, Generating customer statements, Creating vendors, Adding bills, and all product/service information as required.
    3. Reconciliation of business bank and credit card accounts

    4. Unlimited Bank Accounts and Channels of Revenue Allowed

    5. Access to real-time reports such as Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow statements, Tax Reports, Customer & Payment Insights, Vendor Insights, Charts of Accounts etc, and many more.

  12. Stress-Free Compliance Filings & Reminders - We'll take care of your annual state reminders, state filing, and IRS tax filings to ensure that your US company is always in good standing and is 100% compliant, year after year. Avoid late fees, penalties, and interest by letting us take care of your compliance! Late fees/penalties can be as high as $25,000 for non-compliance.

    All of these filings, reports, and compliances will be taken care of by us and our CPA for you. At the time of tax filings, our CPA will get in touch with you, prepare your filings, and file your returns accurately. You do not have to spend time finding a reliable CPA or pay for any extra consultation with a CPA at the last minute.

    The more closer to the due date, you reach out to CPAs in the tax filing season, the higher the amount they will charge you. All of that is avoided using our subscription.

  13. Live Chat & Email Support - Count on the doola team to help you with whatever you need. There's not a problem we can't help solve! Don't believe us? Fire up the live chat and experience, first-class customer support with a human touch or email us at

  14. $50,000 in Exclusive Rewards - Savings that make it even easier to run your business. Check out a full view of our offerings here.

  15. Community of Global Founders - Get entry into our Telegram doola founder's group where founders from across the world come and interact with each other to help each other. Get information from another part of the world, easily.

We provide everything you need in one place. And don't forget: doola is tax deductible and pays for itself within months. 
Our clients choose us to be their full-stack formation solution. They've found that allowing us to manage their formation, banking, tax compliance and more requirements made their lives so much easier & they were able to focus on launching and growing their business with us. We would love to do the same for you!
You can also see what other customers have to say about us on our Wall of Love!

If you haven't already signed up with us, sign up and check our pricing from here -

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