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What is a Tax Residency Certificate?
What is a Tax Residency Certificate?
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TRCs are generally used by individuals to benefit from applying double tax treaties while complying with their local tax rulings.

In essence, a TRC is proof of residency in a given country. Any country that is a part of a DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) can issue one to a taxpayer.

Each country issuing a TRC has their own process or method for obtaining. At doola, we can assist in guiding you to the appropriate resources in your respective country to obtain a TRC.

Why obtain a TRC?

Taking advantage of a TRC/income tax treaty between a foreign country and the US can eliminate or heavily reduce your tax burden. It'll also remove the possibility of double taxation in two countries.

Some countries, like India, have made it mandatory for non-resident taxpayers to provide a valid TRC from their country's government.

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