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Potential Collaboration Opportunities
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  • Affiliate Partnership - You can sign up for a custom tracking link here and refer your customers to doola using this link. You would make a 15% commission for every successful referral. 15% is the starting commission. We have VIP tiers as volume increases! You can embed your referral link on your website, blog, social media posts, newsletters, YouTube videos, and all other platforms.

    Important Points -

    1. The referral reward is 15% of any doola plans purchased using your link.

    2. This does not include state fees that we collect at the time of payment and gets passed onto the state.

    3. Example Commissions -

      • Starter Plan - $297 * 15% = $44.55

      • Premium Plan - $897 * 15% = $134.55

      • Total Compliance Plan - $2397 * 15% = $359.55

    This has "doola" as part of the process/branding, however, if you're looking for us to work behind the scenes or you're looking for a white-labeled solution, the following levels are a great fit.

  • White Labeling doola Solutions - You are not limited to an Affiliate or Referral Partner. Utilize the Typeform, Airtable/Google Sheets, or Formation API for flexible invoicing, charging your own price, and controlling your client experience.

    • Level 1: Integrate Custom Typeform.

      • This is a solution that will allow you to

        • 1) own the customer experience and

        • 2) easily apply your own branding

      • The information that your customers/audience submits through Typeform will be sent to our backend and we will be able to process the filings.

      • Here is a link to a sample Typeform that you can click through (also here is a pdf of the Typeform which you can scroll through and share with your team).

      • Note: You can "white-label" this offering and not mention doola or you can mention that it is a "powered by doola experience." We've seen the social proof/trust of mentioning a collaboration with doola can really help but if white-label is the goal, that works too.

      • We do this with companies like Typeform

    • Level 2: Integrate Custom Airtable/Google Sheet.

      • The final step before a full API integration is an Airtable/Google Sheet integration (Airtable is preferred, but Google Sheets works).

      • This would allow you to send us customer info in bulk and we can then process it via our API and return the documents.

      • Each row in Airtable = a new company, and each column equals a piece of info we need (LLC Name, State, Type of Business etc!). Here is a sample Airtable + here is a sample Google Sheet.

      • We do this with companies like

    • Level 3: Integrate Formation API

      • As a next step, you can then integrate with our Company Formation API.

      • This will require engineering capacity on your side and you can check out our developer docs here.

      • If/once you have bandwidth on your side to integrate, let us know and we can share access to our sandbox.

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