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What is the overall process to form a company?
What is the overall process to form a company?
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Check out our simple 4-step process on our website.

  1. Form your company

    All we need for this step is:

    • Company Name

    • Personal Address (anywhere in the world!)

    • Email (so we can stay in touch!)

    No documents are required for this step. Later in the process, you may need your passport to set up your bank account.

    Timeline: 1 week (on average!)

  2. Get your EIN

    Once your company is formed, we start working on your EIN application (Employer Identification Number).

    *Note: A U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) is not needed and we apply on your behalf!

    Timeline (with SSN): 2 days (on average!)

    Timeline (without SSN): 4 – 6 weeks (on average!)

    Dependencies: The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) processing speeds.

  3. Apply for your US bank account

    Once you get your EIN (required for a bank account!), you’re ready to apply for a U.S. Bank Account through our custom partner portal. A passport is required for this step.

    Timeline: 1 week (on average!)

  4. Payment Processor

    Once your bank account is set up, we’ll help you connect it to your payment processor so you can start accessing the payments sent to your account!

    Timeline: A few days (on average!)

Bank account approval is not guaranteed and is subject to an application process.

Doola is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Piermont Bank; Member FDIC

Check this detailed video out -

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