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Basic Questions regarding Visa/Immigration to the US
Basic Questions regarding Visa/Immigration to the US

Here are some basic questions that will help you with your visa/immigration related questions.

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People often have many questions about getting a US visa when planning to start a business in the U.S. Here we’ve answered some of the top questions we get from people applying to start an entity with doola!

If I have or start a business in the US, does that make it easier for me to visit the US or get a US visa?

Potentially, yes! To get a US work visa, you need a company to sponsor it. You're able to sponsor your visa through your own US company, but you'll also need to meet other visa requirements to get one.

Are LLCs and C-Corps both eligible to apply for business visas in future?

Yes. LLCs and C-Corps are both eligible to apply for US business visas and green cards for employees.

I am on an H-1B right now in the US and planning to be a cofounder for a startup which isn't funded or registered yet, while I work as a full time employee for another company. Under what conditions can I continue working on the startup once it has been incorporated?

You can only actively work for the company that sponsored your H-1B. On an H-1B you're generally allowed to passively invest in another company, but you can't take a salary or actively manage/be employed by your startup. If you want to transition to becoming an employee of your startup, you must transfer your H-1B. To be an official employee of your startup, (regardless of ownership structure) you need a work visa/work authorization.

Can I send my employees to the USA after opening a branch office? What do they need in terms of visa & its preparation?

Potentially, yes! There are several US visa option you can do this with, such as the L-1, H-1B, E-2, and O-1. The best visa option depends on the employees you want to transfer (e.g. role, length of employment, nationality). Businesses that use doola refer to us whenever they have questions about potential hires or relocating talent to the US. We do deep dives into process, timeline, and cost at the individual level because everyone has a different backgrounds, goals, and eligibility.

Can I get a work authorization letter once I start a US company?

Potentially, yes! You can sponsor your work authorization through your US company, but you must also meet other requirements.

Can I start and run a company on an F-1 visa? What conditions need to be fulfilled for this?

With an F-1 visa you can register a company, but you can't receive revenue or salary, or actively manage/work for your company without separate work authorization (e.g. OPT or another visa). Until you get a different visa, you must have someone else to actively run it.

For more questions related to your visa/immigration issues, please reach out to our partner, You can email them letting them know that doola referred you to them, so they can fast track the replies to your questions/email.

We can also introduce you to a lawyer at Legal Pad, once you are a doola member.

We share this information as a courtesy so you can be completely informed while starting with us!

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