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How Can I prove that I am the owner of my US company?
How Can I prove that I am the owner of my US company?

How to Prove Ownership of my US company?

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You've taken the first step and have successfully formed your LLC, but how do you confirm that you are the owner? We'll answer that here.

Your Articles of Organization does not show company ownership (especially in states like Wyoming or Delaware that can protect the personal information of the LLC owners!) This will show your company, the date it was formed, and serves as proof that your company exists.

Your operating agreement does show your US company ownership. This document is an internal document and only becomes official once signed by the team! It can be edited, and signed and there is no need to resubmit any information to the state if this is done.

If your operating agreement is blank, or has a typo, all you have to do is edit the document, sign it, and you're all set! As for why the operating agreement would have a typo: an operating agreement is a template!

It is a flexible, living breathing document and this is one of the major benefits of forming an LLC (the ease of updating / making changes to it). The agreement can sometimes be blank OR a registered agent partner at the state can sometimes incorrectly write a name on the document. But again, if this happens, rest assured, this does not mean that you are not the owner of your LLC!

All you have to do again (note: we at the company happy to do this as well) is update the names in the doc, then you have to sign it and you're good to go!

Your EIN confirmation letter does show LLC ownership. This is a document sent directly from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It will show your EIN, LLC name and the member of the LLC who is the authorized responsible member!

To understand the above explanation with documentary evidence and where to find your ownership on the relevant documents, refer our detailed blog post here!

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